Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dragon Boat Races

I arrived in Salem, Oregon just in time to attend their Dragon Boat Races in the Willamette River. There were many crews from many organizations that participated in this event. They had Heat Races that covered about 750 feet river to narrow the field down to the finalists to race against each other in the afternoon. I was there in the morning to capture these photos.

There was even an Over 50 Crew and they took their Heat.

The green boat was the winner.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Glen Canyon Dam

I forgot to tell you about one of the places that I visited on my way from Flagstaff to Kanab. I had never been there before in person. Only through the media had I any knowledge of this place. I do remember that it was dedicated back in 1966. It is the second tallest concrete arched dam with a height of 710 feet. and forms Lake Powell that can contain over 26 million acre-feet of water.

Not only is the dam a work of engineering, but the Glen Canyon Bridge that is located in front of the dam is great, too. The bridge is the second highest steel-arch bridge in the United States. It is 700 feet above the river. The span of the bridge arch is 1,028 feet with a road decking of 1,271 feet.

Here are a few pictures that I took.