Saturday, December 24, 2011

U. S. Open Sandcastle Competition

One of the things on my Bucket List was to attend the sandcastle building at the Imperial Beach pier.

Each group has a 30ft. X 30ft. space in which to create their masterpiece.

Water is a very important ingredient in making just the right consistency of sand to use in the construction of a sandcastle.

Once the forms are in place, the teams can start loading sand into them.

I followed the team "I.B. Posse" which are all from the same family (the ones wearing the yellow shirts). They were last year's winners and practice building their "castle" before the competition. They all have a specific job on the team and there is no shouting or commands given. Each team has 5 hours to complete their project.

Now the crowd is getting thick. There are this many people on the other side of the pier as well as about this many up on the street at the vendors booths.

It is almost time for "Tools Down".


The American flag is backed up by the troops. The I.B.Posse team won first prize in the Grand Masters class again this year and you can see why. (Click on each picture so you can see the detail.)